by Codist

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Recorded Nov '14 - Jan '15 in GCU and Philip's bedroom


released January 24, 2015

Music and lyrics by Codist
Philip Ivers - vocals, guitar, percussion
Sam Cocks - guitar, violin, backing vocals
Michael McClure - bass, backing vocals
Tom Fraser - drums, backing vocals

Album artwork by Paul Ivers



all rights reserved


Codist Glasgow, UK

A band from Glasgow. Our latest EP, Porcelain Boy, is out now via LP Records / 6131 Records. Enquiries:


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Track Name: Automobiles
I lost my faith in medicine
I lost my favourite medicine
I lost my confidence in you
Send me to the sea
And set me alight while the irony
Is still getting lost on you

Tell me honestly
Just why you want to raise your voice
To reach the peaks, the summits and the crests
And focus all of your concentration
On the neutral greys and blacks
Forget about the reds

And tell me how it feels
To be completely healed
By automobiles
And houses
Track Name: Melted Painting
Are the worms in your brain singing the blues?
'Cause your face at the door has been more amused
Are your friends at the weekend fucking you up?
'Cause you look like a melted painting

I should've told you I was leaving
But you're trying your hardest to deceive me
I might come back tomorrow evening
But I probably won't

We walk together without a single word
We're usually laughing when we're hungover
You look like want to pull out my tongue
And grind it into the pavement
It's moments like these that I don't say a word
I let you deal with your problems 'cause they're fucking absurd
I'll keep on keeping my distance 'til it happens again
And again and again and again and again and again
Track Name: Bleach
And I'm trying
Trying to speak
But the words won't form cause my mouth is filled with bleach
And I'm thinking
Thinking I might
Just go to bed without telling anyone
And I'm watching
Watching the street
For any signs of life that may be around me
And I'm waiting
Waiting for peace
Before I swan dive into the deep

My guns are hid
My smile is forced
And I'm not telling anyone at all