Nuclear Family

by Codist

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Liam Menzies
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Liam Menzies The quintessential debut album: full of potential, gritty rifts and brimming with character. A whole range of influences can be felt from the get go with tracks screaming blue album era Weezer. A solid first step for the Glasgow band. Favorite track: Puddle.
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The debut album by Codist.


released January 8, 2016

Sam Cocks - guitar
Tom Fraser - drums, vocals
Philip Ivers - vocals, guitar
Michael McClure - bass

Drums recorded by Paul Winton at North Road Studios, Bellshill
Everything else recorded by Sam Cocks and Philip Ivers
Mixed by Sam Cocks
Mastered by Chris Curry

Album cover collage by Kirstie Adamson



all rights reserved


Codist Glasgow, UK

A band from Glasgow. Our latest EP, Porcelain Boy, is out now via LP Records / 6131 Records. Enquiries:


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Track Name: Zamboni
The snow it hangs around like the guest you want to leave
Outstaying it's welcome, turning up late to the party
On these buses, only half the time you're going home
Wondering if it is me that makes you feel alone

Say what you need to say and say it fast
I hope I get frostbitten and I hope it lasts
Staying out all night with me will be a blast
This blanket of white has been an eyesore all my life

This stretch of road has been engrained in all I see
It could be any road, there's nothing extraordinary
I hope I'm not the one that's changing your family tree
Altering the situation to a degree
Track Name: Puddle
If you want me to try to give everything inside
Like a coat in the sea, I'll just float on by
But the moon has got your soul, but you already know
That's why you can feel your insides glow

Underwater, you can find all your friends
So run towards them
Underwater, all your favourite friends
The tens out of tens

If you want a rainy day, all you have to say
Is "the flowers are looking for a change"
And "the sky is too blue than what I'm used to"
I bet I've got more time than you
Track Name: Anything's Impossible
Locked up inside that weekend with nothing else to do
Except the only thing that I really need to
Constantly stalling, yawning, feeling like I misplaced concentration
Pushing back the importance and pulling in the first thing that I can think of that isn't a headfirst dive into the mounting mountain that's become my obligations
Track Name: Sudden Valley
Take your decisions, all that you've made
There's no use for them so put them away
Just take them upstairs among the rust
They're obsolete and gathering dust

Isn't it fun when time is misplaced
All of our plans are all over the place
Now it's redundant and we worked so hard
Isn't it fun when we're back at the start
Track Name: Fourteen Fifteen
I can't wash you off my skin
Because you've never really been anywhere near it
Because I never told you when our paths would cross again
But not by coincidence, it's got nothing to do with chance
Just an irrational fear of romance
Track Name: Blue Tick Hounds
The doctors seem to hide something
Before you know, you feel nothing
And it's the same, it's day to day
A single flash and we're away

And we can't stand to be alone
But all our plans have been postponed
And even though it's all you've known
No one is truly on their own

Under the lights that they advise
I'm real and I never wanna change
And all their eyes, the silver prize
The times of the day are rearranged

Anyway it's okay, celebrate my birthday
Blow out all the candles on my own
I don't wanna force you, altering your world view
Wrap me up and take me home
Track Name: Dirt
Things just might be fine after all this time
Watching for a sign, you might change your mind
You know just what to say to make it seem like it's okay

I'm trying to keep pretending to sleep
And all the other things are dirt now

We've got this one down, not long to go now
We might get some rest if my thoughts will allow
Going strong, we're past the point where we think we should sing that song
Track Name: Junes and Julys
Indian summers are the worst of our lives
The sunshine it fucks with our will to survive
Can't use our own lungs, we use eachothers
We blind ourselves with promises to discover
Lines upon lines of unwritten rules
Never called into effect and never approved
The text in bold is what you want to follow
How can I tell that today is tomorrow

You wanna go out of control
I wanna go home

You look so alive

Indian summers are the worst of our lives
Keep all the heat in the Junes and Julys
Track Name: Talking Inside Cones
Every time I brave the rain and pave
A way to these bickering outlaws
There's no need for further description
The laws have changed since back in those days
And the place is sobering up now
The same frames but a new prescription

Don't break like they told you
Just wait, this will hold true

A permanent file, the emerald isle
The things that you found on my wish list
When we're talking inside cones it's void again
A group of folk in a cloud of smoke
This could only mean one thing
And every memory from back then

To tell you the truth, the fountain of youth
Is nothing but tonics and lotions
And frontal lobes and nerves and holding on
Track Name: Fuclear Namily